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Quote :  It is difficult to give them the accuracy of attention necessary to 'see' their beauty without drawing them first.    Ruskin.




Visual Artist @ Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester

Workshops taken on request. I am based in Leicestershire but will travel to accommodate.

Personal 1 -1 tutoring undertaken.



  • Leicester Botanical Gardens 3 day summer workshop. A chance to learn the techniques of drawing and using watercolours, in a wonderful setting where the botanical gardens can be explored.

  • William Morris inspired pattern workshop. These are a fun way to learn how to create your own personal interpretation of a pattern or design, using many different inspirational pieces, from either your own work or photos, natural history subjects, natural forms or book references.

      The classes are run either weekly or are a 2 day event.


  • Sketchbook studies. Taking an adventurous approach to visual note taking using colour, shape, form and personal written notes. First sketchbook provided. Enjoy creating your personal book.!

      The classes run on a weekly basis.

  • Botanical drawing & painting.  Course is designed to help the student through the process of observational drawing, colour studies & understanding composition. Develop personal worksheets for your portfolio.

​       Classes are held on a weekly basis, term time.

  • Creating pattern through natural forms. Develop original linear images to create a pattern or design in the style of William Morris. Lots of inspirational subjects available to help you create! From photos to linear images, from your own work to helpful book references. 

About Me! 

I am a qualified tutor having taught groups that include beginners through to the more advanced & experienced. 

I like to facilitate the students personal journey of discovery and promote the art of drawing with the ability to re-create your subject matter.

I believe we never stop learning and find my classes extremely rewarding.


When studying a particular subject choose something you particularly love as you will feel a real excitement at the thought of drawing it. Worksheets are your tool with no pressure!

They are a great reference and you will feel a real infinity with your subject and be more confident when you tackle the overall composition.

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