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The Pollen Grain
Making the Invisible Visible

I have discovered  the intrinsic relationship between the beauty of the pollen grain and the beauty of the plant.

I find the images timeless, where they relate to the past, present and future in the study of the Natural World.

I am fascinated by the natural world and the precision needed to portray its many facets. To magnify a subject enables me to display the complexities of the otherwise hidden scientific natural form as depicted in these Pollen grains.

The decision to paint pollen took many days of research and thought processes. To be able to paint something which is invisible to the naked eye, to capture its structure, beauty, form, colour and shape makes for a deeply exciting project. 

I collaborate with Professor David Twell of the Department of Genetics and Genome biology at the University of Leicester. David has been unstinting with his advice and in supplying me with the images from the University's high definition electron microscope. 

My project is on going and look forward to discovering more of our hidden natural world!


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