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Quote: "To re-create the intrinsic beauty of nature is like asking time to stand still so the human eye can enjoy it's glory". (Georgia D)

The earliest known illustrations date back to around 1450BC carved into the wall of the great temple in Egypt. This artform has been used ever since in the recording and identification of plant species. 

This is practised in Kew Gardens & The Eden Project in Cornwall, to name just two examples of how this artform is as necessary today as it ever was.

I am botanically trained with Rosie Martin being a huge influence in my life.

The visual precision and accuracy needed to portray my subjects gives me great pleasure & excitement. Some of my work is magnified therefore enabling me to display the complexities of the 'hidden' natural form.

Visually, this enables the viewer to contemplate 'beyond the norm' and in many cases behold their own visual interpretation.

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